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Build your Custom Lofted Cabin

Build the building of your dreams!  In 4 quick steps, you will assemble a Amish Building that will be custom built to your specifications.  Your building will be hand-crafted and delivered to your selected site.  Delivery is free in all of Central Ohio.  Please note, once you submit this form, your credit card will not be charged.  A representative will reach out to you to finalize your order and confirm price.

Step 1

Choose Building Size

Pay cash price or select our Rent to Own Option (36, 48, or 60 months)
Choose Your Size
Choose Your Price Plan

Step 2

Choose Barn Colors

3 color choices may be selected for the Siding, Trim, and Roof
Choose Building Material
Choose Your Siding Color
Choose Your Trim Color
Choose Your Roof Color (Metal)

Step 3

Select Custom Add-Ons

Type Custom Add-ons & Special Instructions

Step 4

Enter Personal Info

All personal info is secure using API technology.  A sales representative will reach out to you to confirm order details prior to submitting your order and charging your card.
Are you working with a specific salesperson?  If so, Enter Name:
Enter your Name
Enter your Phone #
Enter your Credit/Debit Card #
This information is needed to begin custom building your barn
Enter your Email
Enter your Address
Enter your Card Expiration Date
Enter your Card CVV # (3 digits)


Attach Driver's License Photo
We collect this to secure our barn agreement and prevent fraud
Select File
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