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Build your Custom Barn

Build the building of your dreams!  In 4 quick steps, you will assemble a Amish Building that will be custom built to your specifications.  Your building will be hand-crafted and delivered to your selected site.  Delivery is free in all of Central Ohio.  Please note, once you submit this form, your credit card will not be charged.  A representative will reach out to you to finalize your order and confirm price.

Step 1

Choose Barn Size

Pay cash price or select our Rent to Own Option (36, 48, or 60 months)
Choose Your Size
Choose Your Price Plan

Step 2

Choose Barn Colors

3 color choices may be selected for the Siding, Trim, and Roof
Choose Building Material
Choose Your Siding Color
Choose Your Siding Color
Choose Your Trim Color
Choose Your Trim Color
Choose Your Roof Color (Metal)

Step 3

Select Custom Add-Ons

Barn Options.png
Type Custom Add-ons & Special Instructions

Step 4

Enter Personal Info

All personal info is secure using API technology.  A sales representative will reach out to you to confirm order details prior to submitting your order and charging your card.
Are you working with a specific salesperson?  If so, Enter Name:
Enter your Name
Enter your Email
Enter your Phone #
This information is needed to begin custom building your barn
Enter your Credit/Debit Card #
Enter your Address
Enter your Card Expiration Date
Enter your Card CVV # (3 digits)


Attach Driver's License Photo
We collect this to secure our barn agreement and prevent fraud
Select File
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